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Member since: November 22nd, 2006
Star rating: 5135
Age: 36
Gender: M
Hometown: Bountiful, UT
Occupation: Business Systems Analyst
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Favorite Website: http://www.utefans.net
Twitter: PandaUte
About Me:
Class of 2005, BA History. Got two swell kids.
My Favorite Teams:
Utah football and basketball.

Also: the Jazz, Red Sox, and 49ers.
My Favorite Victories:

@ CSU, 1994
@ BYU, 1993
v. Pitt, 2005
v. Texas A&M, 2004
v. Utah, 2008
v. Georgia Tech, 2011


v. Arizona, 1997
v. Michigan State, 1990
v. UNLV, 2004
v. BYU, 2009
My Favorite Players:
Brian Johnson (all-time favorite Ute). Others: Eric Weddle, Alex Smith, Morgan Scalley, Anthony Davis, Eddie Johnson, Scott Mitchell, Cal Beck, Steve Smith, Jamal Anderson.

Josh Grant, Jimmy Soto, Walter Watts, Byron Wilson, Michael Doleac, Alex Jensen, Andrew Bogut, Andre Miller.

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