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No beer was thrown on Max Hall. What really happened to his family.

Posted By: Utah Dave
Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009 at 10:13 am

In case some of you missed it. I detailed the incident a few days ago. Here is the Link:

A few more details on the proported "Beer" throwing incident. No beer was thrown on Max, but maybe this is the other stuff. Why because nearly all the fans who sit directly above BYU's fan base are mormon. None of us drink, yet alone drink beer. The tally was as follows:

One former Bishop who has terminal pancreatic cancer.
One Counselor in the Bishopric.
A ward Mission leader.
Gospel Docterine teacher.
Etc. Etc.

When max's mother in law began screaming at us. She was standing at the portal next to the exit on W29. She had security 2 feet away and was surronded by BYU not Utah fans. When the family made the dash up to the seats to get the "Max Hall isn't living right." Sign. The guy in front of us who made the sign gave it up without incident. That may be the other stuff Max is talking about. But I am 100% sure that no Beer was thrown on Max's family in that incident.

What has bugged me from day one about that incident is that Max, still doesn't get the hypocrisy of the sign that the BYU fan was holding up. They were holding up the sign: "When your living right on and off the field magic happens." Max, how is it your fan can bring a sign that offends nearly everybody and it be OK and the other side responds with nearly the same language and it is not? Can you not see how that would offend many of the returned missionaries on the Utah team? How about the people who are on Utah that are not of Max's faith, but also religious? How offensive is that? Such religious bigotry goes both ways max.

Max let me clue you in on something. The University of Utah has the largest LDS Institute of Religion in the world. And guess what Max, those kids go to religious classes not because they are forced to, but because they want to. Max maybe you should read Alma 32: 13-15 again.

Max, finally, God doesn't care who wins a football game. It's a diversion to pass our time. A way to hang out and spend time with our family and friends. You winning does not mean the church is true or not. It does not mean your more righteous than the other guy. It means you played hard, worked hard and got "conclusive visual evidence."

Max How many times has a Utah fan jumped out of the stands and attacked a cheerleader? How many times has a Utah player thrown punches at a BYU fan? How many punches were thrown yesterday. Max, look in the mirror, so you can see classless.

Max that sign said one thing. "Max Hall isn't living right." That sign is more true today than the day that you threw six interceptions.

I cannot wait until two years from now when the "classy" Wyoming fans come back to town.

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