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"Max Hall isn't living right!!!" and other musings from BYU Utah games.

Posted By: Utah Dave
Date: Monday, November 23, 2009 at 06:05 pm

OK I have kept this story for a year, despite Civiluteman telling me to tell it. Given all the Hall's wife talk I couldn't resist.

So our season tickets are in w29. This is the section that the oppossing teams parents always sit in. I have got to meet some good folks with these seats. I had a great talk with the Air Force's quarterback's dad this year.

All in all the TCU game was a little heated (TCU fans were heated during the game, but mellowed out after), but for the most part the oppossing fans are pretty classy. Yes, even the Wyoming fans were great. So last year we roll into the BYU game. I am not in my seats five minutes when BYU fan shows up with a "When your living right on and off the field Magic happens sign."

It takes me about 2 seconds to yell out, "Well than why did you lose to TCU and Tulsa (private Christian schools), should I change my religion"? Most BYU fans got the joke, but the sign stayed in the air until, let's say, the fourth quarter.

One guy that sits two seats in front of us had a sign that said: "Follow your leaders and had all the LDS General Authorities who were Utah grads listed. Well during the fourth quarter ute barage, the back of the sign was filled.

It read: "Max Hall isn't living right!"

It took about five minutes and there is a lady yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs. "That sign is disrespectful. It is hurting my daughter's feelings." Tears were in her eyes.

Of course the moment she said it, my first thought was" Where was your indignation when the BYU fan was holding up the sign saying basically the same thing. Don't you realize that such a saying and sign is not only offensive to the LDS players on the Utah team, but the religious players of all religions.

Well after a couple of minutes the mad BYU mom storms up to our section and tears up the sign. There is little mystery who this had to be, it had to be Max Hall and Dennis Pita's mother-in-law.

Anyway, While most of our group kind of thought the behavior was a bit over the top.

Well our story goes on and after the game my friend notices #54 charging into the ute fans on the field and throwing haymakers.

He yells out: "Hey that is classless!"

In unison all the BYU fans turn around and flip him off.

Here is the funny part of the whole deal. Our whole section is LDS and fairly religious at that. I am sure by now in Zoobie land this has been blown out of proportion to drunk, Anti-mormons heckling BYU fans. The reality is so much different.

As I consistently tease my friend, "You are the only guy i know who is in the bishopric(s) and has been flipped off in unison by BYU fans."

He has a slight chuckle and then proceeds to tell me the story how a member in his ward sent him a spreadsheet how St. Lavell did not RUTS like the "classless" whittingham did to Wyoming.

My thought from that night has never changed. BYU fans have to be the most soft skinned and hypocritical fan bases around.

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