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RE: Jackson... Mark - that Is

Posted By: Dixieute
Date: Monday, August 11, 2003 at 08:16 pm

Maybe it is only me but I find any discussion about Mark Jackson and John Stockton in the same paragraph very laughable. I do know this Mark jackson was an unusual talent with a lot of heart. I wonder how good he would have been if he had been healthy all season. It is a big drop off from MJ to TD unless Td has made monster steps since last year. It is possible that point guard will be our big problem this upcoming season........I can't wait for hoops.........come on Halloween

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Basketball Junkie icon NEW: Jackson... Mark - that Is
Basketball Junkie - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 12:48 pm [ID# 67231] [reply]
Proud2BAmerican icon NEW: Marc jackson was never going to the NBA. Maybe that's the difference. (nm) (nm)
Proud2BAmerican - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 12:49 pm [ID# 67232] [reply]
o NEW: RE: some would argue with you on that...
runnutz - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 01:15 pm [ID# 67240] [reply]
seattleute icon NEW: I very much agree with runnutz
seattleute - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 01:27 pm [ID# 67242] [reply]
o NEW: I agree, too. Plus, MJ is not that small. I'll bet he is an inch or two taller than Stockton. (nm)
concerned - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 01:52 pm [ID# 67254] [reply]
seattleute icon NEW: I think Stocton is 6-3, not as small has he seems.
seattleute - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 02:06 pm [ID# 67260] [reply]
Basketball Junkie icon NEW: Stockton is 6-1 (nm)
Basketball Junkie - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 02:09 pm [ID# 67261] [reply]
seattleute icon NEW: Well, there you go. More evidence that Jackson was pro material (nm)
seattleute - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 02:55 pm [ID# 67274] [reply]
o NEW: RE: He certainly has the "me first" attitude down and the cheap shot elbow. A real NBA player (short)
rjtla - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 05:15 pm [ID# 67325] [reply]
o NEW: RE: Jackson... Mark - that Is
Dixieute - -- Monday 11 August 2003, at 08:16 pm [ID# 67359] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: Now if the stats only backed up your assertion, maybe I'd believe you...
Diehard Ute - -- Tuesday 12 August 2003, at 04:28 am [ID# 67404] [reply]
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