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Just got back from the scrimmage

Posted By: Wild Ute
Date: Saturday, April 5, 2003 at 01:57 pm

All I can say is I am excited for the Meyer regime. Every one hustled if they did not Meyer was right in their faces.
Offense looked bad as to be expected Meyer had the 1st string O Scrimmage against the 1st string D.

On offense

Marty Johnson, and Brandon Warfield are going to be the best RB tandum in the MWC. Johnson looks 100% healthy and had a few good runs. Warfield I thought looked quicker. They run a lot of motion and the RB's moved into the Slot position several times. I also liked #30 Soane Taliauli he had some greats runs.

Ben Moa is the real deal he has great hands, had some great catches, and ran over a couple of defenders to pick up extra yardage. I dont know why Mac did not use him more in the offense last year. He has slimmed down and is fast for his size. If he gets isolated against a LB he is going to pick up a lot of yards after the catch because he is a load to bring down. Other WR that looked good was Steven Savoy if his knee is at 100% he is going to be a deep threat, I also like Paris Warren he has great hands and he caught a screen pass behind the line of scrimmage and picked up 12 yards on the play. I thought the WR's ran crisper routes and blocked down field very well.

I thought Elliott looked the best had a great run for about 20 yards and hit the open WR, he did force a few passes but he looked more comfortable in the offense. Rich did have a great pass of about 30 yards he threw to Moa for the first down. But he over threw a lot of the WR's

Over all the Offense has a lot of work but by the first game I see them being really good I am very excited for the style of offense.

Defense ruled the scrimmage the thing I liked most if some one made a big play the entire defense would get excited there is a lot more chemistry to this team. There were a lot of big hits.

With Kaufusi being gonne Marquess Ladbetter #55 got a lot of tme at OE this kid got a motor he is going to be good. He got into the back field a bunch of times hurring the QB to make bad throws. Sione Pouha recovered a fumble he ran back for a TD. It seemed the Whittingham was blitzing more and taking more risks with the DL. The DL seemed to be in the backfield 95% of the time. The 2nd string was no different

I will go on record now and say this is the best LB corp that Utah has ever had. Spencer Toone is a man among boys.
He had some great hits and knocked Warfield on his butt a couple of times. He had a 2 sacks, 1 sack for a saftey, picked up a fumbled snap and ran it back for a TD. He can tackle in the open field. Ray Holdcraft plugged the middle when the fisrt O ran up the middle Holdcraft and Toone where there every time pushing the RB back. They also blitzed a lot and #38 Aaron Bryant had the first big hit when he drilled #30 Soane Taliauli as soon as he received the ball for a 6 yard loss. But you could hear the hit from the stands

I was very impressed by the safties and corners they look a 100% better from last year. Scally played awesome in the FS position he had a lot of great hits and on run support stopped Johnson on a 3 and 3. Anthony White had two great hits one on #18 Chad Jacobson as he received the ball across the middle. Eliott threw a perfect pass right in the #'s but White hit him so hard the ball popped out. He also hit #83 a WR on a reverse (sorry I dont know his name) so hard he caused him to fumble the ball.
I liked what I saw every one played great man coverage if the WR's even got close to the ball the corners hit them so hard the ball popped loose. #22 Bo Nagahi looks the most improved I thought last year he should have started over Cody Weight. He had some great pass break ups and no one causght a pass against him. #1 Shayne Scrugs and #2 Antonio Young both played very hard and looked awesome in man coverage. With the DBs playing like they are I see Utah blitzing more. We have the talent at DB which was very young last year to control the tempo on defense.

I liked what I say and I am very excited. Meyer is a great coach andd took every opportunity to teach his player the correct techniques. He would single a player out after each play and let him know what he could do to improve. I never say that under McBride.
I also never saw a McBride coached team practice blocking the punt. Meyer rushed every punt and expected his scout team to block the punt. Matt Kovacevich had some great punts under a lot of pressure
Kicking team could be better Borreson hit a couple form 40 out but missed 2 from inside 30 yards. Hall hit all with in 30 but missed out side of 40 yards. Hall to me had no leg.

Thats what I saw.

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o NEW: Just got back from the scrimmage
Wild Ute - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 01:57 pm [ID# 51565] [reply]
RC Ute icon NEW: Thanks for the report! (nm)
RC Ute - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 02:03 pm [ID# 51567] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: Hard to judge kickers in this kind of weather, the risk of injury on wet field has to be in the back of their minds (nm)
Diehard Ute - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 02:23 pm [ID# 51569] [reply]
Utes Rule icon NEW: On the passes that Rice overthrew, I'm not wrong in guessing that those were short 5 yard screen passes, right? (nm)
Utes Rule - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 10:20 pm [ID# 51577] [reply]
o NEW: Best running back tandem......please........
rebelx - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 10:27 pm [ID# 51578] [reply]
o NEW: Not even close ... at least right now
SoCalPat - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 10:29 pm [ID# 51579] [reply]
Vegas Ute icon NEW: Rebel always talk about one of two subjects, potential or pre-1992 basketball.
Vegas Ute - -- Saturday 5 April 2003, at 10:44 pm [ID# 51581] [reply]
o NEW: Don't confuse X with the facts...they don't teach logic at UnLove (nm)
BloodSimplex - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 12:58 pm [ID# 51603] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: And Jason Thomas was a legit Heisman candidate right? Thanks for playing (nm)
Diehard Ute - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 05:49 am [ID# 51585] [reply]
o NEW: I love the fact that because you type their names we're supposed to be impressed, there are probably high schools in Vegas with better rushing attacks than whoever the hell these guys you mentioned are (nm)
Mr Crimson - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 11:06 am [ID# 51593] [reply]
o NEW: They sure show they are the best tandium every time they play Utah Rebelex, when was the last time UNLV beat Utah in football. Give me a break (nm)
Wild Ute - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 11:12 am [ID# 51595] [reply]
RaiderUte icon NEW: RE: Come on rebel, McQueen High School here in Reno could beat UNLV......and yet, U of Nevada cant.....strange. (nm)
RaiderUte - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 04:45 pm [ID# 51621] [reply]
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KanabUte - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 12:47 pm [ID# 51600] [reply]
o NEW: What? Rice overthrowing WR's couldn't be (nm)
BloodSimplex - -- Sunday 6 April 2003, at 12:56 pm [ID# 51602] [reply]
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