Interesting conversation with a Maverick gas station employee...

Posted By: SforkUte
Date: Thursday 3 May 2007, at 01:04 pm
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So, there is a Maverick close to my house, right on 7th E. and 27th South. The other day I pop in to get some gas...I fill it up and walk in to pay. Because I am paying with a credit card and since I obviously look suspicious they ask me for my ID. I have an old school license, the crappy laminated one that is frayed and tarnished after close to 15 years of non stop use, since it is battered it is rather hard to pull out of my moneyclip/billfold. Not to open up the "concealed weapons" debate again I pull out my Federal concealed weapons license out as proof of identity. The lady behind the counter looks at is quizzically and asks

"what is this"

I told her it was my ID and she then said

"I don't think we can use this as proof"

I laughed a bit and said (very nicely)

" I use that to check in at the airport, it is a federally issued identification"

she then said

"we can't use this as proof of your identity"

What? I thought........

Rather than go the rounds with this lady about the glaring differences of identifying someone buying gas with a credit card and boarding an airplane I acquiesced and fished out my dumpy Utah driver's licensed which passed the Maverick gas station attendent test.

So, should I feel safer about my day to day life knowing that a Maverick is this stringent (or misinformed) about my identification? I have heard that local and national gas stations are the first line of defense in the war on terror but this seemed real lame.
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