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Posted By: Cougar Jazz Fan
Date: Friday, August 25, 2006 at 04:34 pm

As promised, Dish Network received the Thrilla from Manila treatment this morning. I had some of the calls recorded since I was going into a meeting. I wanted to review their quality of work. I have spent the last 90 minutes laughing so hard that my ribs hurt now.

If any of you have ever reached a Filipino call center you know they love to create names. I gave them a few suggestions if they couldnt come up with one on their own. Here are some recaps:

DN: Youre calling about the mnt?
Landpoke: Uh, yes sir/maam. I am calling to receive the benefits of the mnt sports channel being added to my potentially outstanding service. Would you kindly inform me when it will be available?
DN: Uh.what?
Landpoke: Would you kindly inform me when I will benefit from this outstanding source of sports information called the M.N.T.?
DN: Where are you from? You dont sound like a Landpoke.

DN: Mr. Funk.
Mpfunk: Mrs. Mphfunk, thank you very much.
DN: I apologize. Mrs. Funk, weve heard a lot of our customers are concerned not having access to the mnt right now. I can assure you were doing all we can here at Dish Network to win your business. We anticipate youll be happy with our program options come September 2nd. By the way Ms. Funk, who is your favorite team?
Mpfunk: New York.
DN: New York what?
Mpfunk: New York.
DN: Which New York is your favorite, Mrs. Funk?
Mpfunk: Ummmmmm(whispers to someone in Tagalog) The New York Cowboys of Liberty.
DN: Click.

DN: Which station is it that youre looking for?
Pamela Anderson: (This is a dude who has a rack like Pam. Half way through the surgery. Sounds like a chick. Its freaky.) The mnt station. I believe you know it as the mnt. Please sign me up for that.
DN: What station? Im not seeing what youre asking for.
Pam: The mnt.
DN: Could you spell that for me?
Pam. N as in Nancy, L as in Mary, T as in Thomas.
DN: Could you repeat that please?
Pam. N as in NANCY, L as in MARY, T as in Thomas.
DN: So thats NLT?
Pam: No, mountain. NLT.
DN: Hmmmm..What type of programming is on this station? Im just not seeing anything in my system?
Pam: Put me on with a supervisor right now. I wont be talked to this way!
DN: Ms. Anderson, I apologize if Im upset you. Im trying to help. With a little more information I might be able to better answer your question and concerns. Maybe this particular station is only available locally. What is your zip code?
Pam: I live in Canada.
DN: Youve called Dish Network. We dont offer any service including channel NLT in Canada at this time.
Pam: Thats racist. Click.

If it's a war they want it's a war they'll get. While this may not be Shock and Awe, I've got thousands of willing and able professional call center agents who are just itching to get some payback on the American public. I'm warning you DirecTV and Dish Network. Give me the mnt or I'll make your lives hell!

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Cougar Jazz Fan icon NEW: Archived:
Cougar Jazz Fan - -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 04:34 pm [ID# 370763] [reply]
ute4ever icon NEW: The New York Cowboys of Liberty.....LMAO. Someone put that in our dictionary please. (nm)
ute4ever - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 05:13 pm [ID# 370775] [reply]
wannabeaute icon NEW: That is just INSANELY funny (nm)
wannabeaute - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 05:15 pm [ID# 370776] [reply]
Skippy icon NEW: After wiping tears from my eyes, I have to ask: What does a "Landpoke" sound like? (nm)
Skippy - -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 05:17 pm [ID# 370777] [reply]
TribUTE icon NEW: LOL!!!! "N as in Nancy, L as in Mary, T as in Thomas" I'm still laughing! (nm)
TribUTE - -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 05:21 pm [ID# 370778] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: The funniest part is that you get paid to do this. Great stuff (nm)
Zeous - -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 06:00 pm [ID# 370788] [reply]
heartlessute icon NEW: I want more!!!! (nm)
heartlessute - -- Friday 25 August 2006, at 06:45 pm [ID# 370799] [reply]
stonguse icon NEW: Maybe you should tell them to ask for the MTN and not the MNT. (nm)
stonguse - -- Saturday 26 August 2006, at 03:47 am [ID# 370846] [reply]
o NEW: I don't think it would have been as funny that way. (nm)
USS Utah - -- Saturday 26 August 2006, at 08:49 am [ID# 370854] [reply]
REDrumU icon NEW: More more more! (nm)
REDrumU - -- Saturday 26 August 2006, at 11:23 am [ID# 370871] [reply]
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