RE: I actually suspect that much of the whole tariff game will be used to Trump's benefit leading to the election...

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Tuesday 10 September 2019, at 10:41 am

I don’t like the way Trump goes about the situation with China. I wish he could be very clear about what they need to do to end it then stand fast. I wish there was more detail to show the specific things China has done. We got ourselves into a hole where some in the US were benefiting from trade with China while the country, as a whole, was very much mistreated. Still, with all his stumbles and bad style points, he is the first in decades to actually make a stand and insist on change.

The democrats are making a mistake. They are mostly quite knowing this change in policy is in the best US interest. They should come out in support and note that they would continue in the same direction. By not doing so, many will believe that Trump needs to be reelected to continue to insist on change by China. To wait until Trump makes the point we need him to fix China, the democrat running may find it too late to show a strong position on this issue. A united objective across both parties would also send a strong message to China. It is a big deal and the position by many candidates is little understood.
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