RE: Haha, people would do anything to get out of that trip!!

Posted By: salUTE
Date: Monday 9 September 2019, at 11:50 pm
Recommended by 4 user(s), perhaps UofU leadership, going head-to-head with the Utah Religiouslature to avoid the Football team having to make that trip bi-annually?

I'm making a New (football) Year's resolution to stop bitching about this subject - and you are all welcome to try to keep me honest.

The reality is that we are currently booked to play TDS home and away through 2024, which SHOULD result in a Utah 14 game winning streak and a head to head record favoring Utah at 67–34–4.

If we can convince Harlan to stop committing to any future games beyond 2024, my guess is that by the time we get there, even the Provo contingent of the Utah Religiouslature won't want to continue the series, knowing that the following year we would have a 15 game winning streak and would have doubled up our win total over theirs.

I really don't want to play this game anymore. Let's stop the nonsense and play them occasionally as a B game. Perhaps alternating years, always at RES, and alternating with Utah State.
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