It's true. Where I work they tried to tell us they were hiring five more people in the department I work in. There are currently 10 of us.

Posted By: wannabeaute
Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 03:13 pm
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Well make that nine since one person left for medical reasons. That was three weeks ago and they haven't even replaced him yet.

We literally laughed out loud when they said that. I pretty much dared them. I pointed out that it took some real arrogance to think they could just snap their fingers in a state with 3% unemployment and five hire-able people would appear. I couldn't resist telling them that what they really needed to focus on was not losing any of the nine they had by making bull$#!+ threats.

Businesses aren't paying more even though labor is tight, so employees are reacting by not giving a $#!+.
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