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Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 02:27 pm
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a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other.
"investigating a link between pollution and forest decline"
synonyms: connection, relationship, relatedness, association, linkage, tie-up
"the links between transport and the environment"
a social or professional connection between people or organizations.
"he retained strong links with the media"
synonyms: bond, tie, attachment, connection, relationship, association, affiliation; More
mutual interest, liaison;
"they cultivated their links with the labor movement"
something that enables communication between people.
"sign language interpreters represent a vital link between the deaf and hearing communities"
a means of contact, travel, or transport between two points or places.
"they set up a satellite link with Tokyo"
a code or instruction which connects one part of a program or an element in a list to another.
short for hyperlink.
a ring or loop in a chain.
synonyms: loop, ring, connection, connective, connector, coupling, joint, knot
"a chain made of steel links"
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