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Figured you know this by know but..

Posted By: jhill
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 02:27 pm


a relationship between two things or situations, especially where one thing affects the other.
"investigating a link between pollution and forest decline"
synonyms: connection, relationship, relatedness, association, linkage, tie-up
"the links between transport and the environment"
a social or professional connection between people or organizations.
"he retained strong links with the media"
synonyms: bond, tie, attachment, connection, relationship, association, affiliation; More
mutual interest, liaison;
"they cultivated their links with the labor movement"
something that enables communication between people.
"sign language interpreters represent a vital link between the deaf and hearing communities"
a means of contact, travel, or transport between two points or places.
"they set up a satellite link with Tokyo"
a code or instruction which connects one part of a program or an element in a list to another.
short for hyperlink.
a ring or loop in a chain.
synonyms: loop, ring, connection, connective, connector, coupling, joint, knot
"a chain made of steel links"

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Messages In This Thread

The Thrill icon NEW: The low unemployment crisis has hit Home Depot
The Thrill - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:09 pm [ID# 1951181] [reply]
GUBA icon NEW: Go to the one on Highland drive south of 3300. The 2100 S store is the worst. (nm)
GUBA - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:29 pm [ID# 1951186] [reply]
o NEW: Except the 3300 S store does nto have a great hardware selection , tool selection etc. IF you know what you want might want to check the website and make sure 3300 S carries it and has it in stiock (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:52 pm [ID# 1951189] [reply]
midnightversion icon NEW: Link? (nm)
midnightversion - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:55 pm [ID# 1951190] [reply]
jhill icon NEW: Figured you know this by know but..
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 02:27 pm [ID# 1951196] [reply]
o NEW: Visit the Walmart on 300 West to make yourself feel better. (nm)
Merry Mex - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:56 pm [ID# 1951191] [reply]
o NEW: But make sure your shots are up to date, your pistol is locked and loaded and a decontamination team is close by IF you go (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 02:06 pm [ID# 1951194] [reply]
Ute King icon NEW: 10 days after 22 people are shot and killed at a Walmart, and that's your take? (nm)
Ute King - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 02:45 pm [ID# 1951198] [reply]
SforkUte icon NEW: It’s just a social experiment. (nm)
SforkUte - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 05:38 pm [ID# 1951212] [reply]
The Thrill icon NEW: On rough days at work, I honestly take a still to the 1300 South WalMart just for a pick me up (nm)
The Thrill - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 02:39 pm [ID# 1951197] [reply]
wannabeaute icon NEW: It's true. Where I work they tried to tell us they were hiring five more people in the department I work in. There are currently 10 of us.
wannabeaute - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 03:13 pm [ID# 1951202] [reply]
BulgieUte icon NEW: You think there's too many day laborers at Home Depot? At cosco they come in bulk. There's not more of them they're just fatter. (nm)
BulgieUte - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 04:47 pm [ID# 1951205] [reply]
Rocker Ute icon NEW: Why do you even need employees at Home Depot unless you are a lily-livered pansy? The ONLY reason I see a need for an employee at Home Depot is to prevent theft. That's it...
Rocker Ute - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 05:27 pm [ID# 1951208] [reply]
o NEW: gotta have somebody there to process returns, for now. the low skilled and uneducated are going to have a tough time making a living as technology advances. (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 05:30 pm [ID# 1951209] [reply]
Rocker Ute icon NEW: Pfft... returns are for amateurs. See above video for reference. (nm)
Rocker Ute - -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 05:38 pm [ID# 1951211] [reply]
jhill icon NEW: This is me at home depot.
jhill - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 05:45 pm [ID# 1951213] [reply]
The Thrill icon NEW: I don’t believe I’ve ever asked for help at Home Depot. Self check out, so correct, I have no need for an employee there
The Thrill - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 07:56 pm [ID# 1951221] [reply]
UtahUte72 icon NEW: So you're saying the Trump Economy is working? (short)
UtahUte72 - Top 25 Poster -- Wednesday 14 August 2019, at 09:48 pm [ID# 1951278] [reply]
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