Agreed. One of the biggest reasons A-Rod's offense struggled was because of well below average WRs.

Posted By: UteBrave
Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:23 pm
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How many times have passes, that should have been easy catches, been tipped to defenders for an easy pick? Hell, a few of them turned in to pick-6s for the other team. Our second (or third?) year in the PAC we had two easy catches turn in to Pick-6s for Washington State. We would have won that game otherwise and that loss was the difference for the season as the Utes would have gone to a bowl game if those two catches were made.

I just want the Ute WRs to look like PAC talent, they don't even have to be all conference, just show up and do what they're supposed to do.
Travis Wilson was widely criticized by Ute fans but he was a lot better than he looked. In a lot of games the WRs weren't open and he had nobody to throw to. Whoever is calling the plays has a much easier job if the WRs matched the talent of the DBs they're facing.
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