The low unemployment crisis has hit Home Depot

Posted By: The Thrill
Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 01:09 pm
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I wouldn’t say that Home Depot is known for hiring the best customer support staff but they’ve taken a severe step in the wrong direction lately.

Just visited the friendly Home Depot on 21st south and had several run-ins with unhelpful and downright rude employees. This is without even mentioning the barrage of harassment in the parking lot from day laborers who refuse to work at Home Depot.

I’m talking about actual Home Depot employees. For example

The useless girl in the checkout area who was more enamored with her recent tattoo to help anybody.
The grouchy old lady who took my stuff to check out before I was ready.
The same grouchy lady who didn’t acknowledge a word I said well I thought I had a conversation with her
The guy in the garden section who wouldn’t move for anything because he was stocking the shelves even though I only needed one item.
The conversation I overheard in the tile aisle with a worker more interested in flirting with his customer than helping her.

These were all in a short five minute adventure to the store. I’ve been avoiding fast food due to the crisis so I can only imagine the front end employees there

I know this sounds like elite speak but good he’ll, who are these people?
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