There were bursts of anger around me...

Posted By: Ma'ake
Date: Tuesday 13 August 2019, at 07:54 am
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"Brian Johnson sucks! How did we go from Alex Smith to this?"

"Kyle just isn't head coaching material! Urban would never allow this to happen! Chris Hill, you need to own up to your mistake and find the next Urban Meyer!"

"Why isn't Ludwig running the triple option? Why did we abandon what was so successful under Meyer? Kyle has made a big mistake."

One thing you have to say about Whit - after the Sugar Bowl, he didn't linger when another OC wasn't getting the job done.

And then that became the issue... the revolving door at OC.

As for living in the shadow of Meyer, Brian Johnson (and Ludwig) & Louie Sakoda got that monkey off Whit's back with the Sugar Bowl win.

I really don't want to disparage a former Ute coach, but after leaving SLC, Meyer's reputation has taken some serious hits. In hindsight, we were fortunate to avoid some of the program-damaging stuff that other schools have had to deal with. Can you imagine some of *those* stories coming out of our program? We might have voluntarily stepped down to the Big Sky. (Seriously).

- I predict there will be some frustration with the offense. There always is. At UTEopia pointed out, Meyer's 2003 offense was mediocre. In the same way that BJohnson & Sakoda pulled Whit out endless comparisons to Meyer, Urban Meyer can thank Alex Smith for helping to vault him from MWC Utah to Florida.

- "The Enemy Always Has a Vote" - teams will be shooting at our heads this year. Factor that in. I'll say it right now - going undefeated this year is pretty much impossible. It might be impossible for every team in the country.

Washington fans thought last year was their year, which is why Utah fans outnumbered them by a long ways in Santa Clara. Husky fans were already disappointed.

- In the shadow of 2004, Ludwig's offenses struggled some. Brian Johnson wasn't Alex Smith. Sakoda was gone. Still, who prepped Brett Ratliff for the BYU game in 2005, right after Brian Johnson was hurt?

Watching the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl was a rush, was certainly the high point of Ludwig's first tenure at Utah.

In the same vein, check out last December's highlights of Vanderbilt vs Baylor in their bowl game: zw

Are we going to look like that? No. Those were highlights. Baylor has a crappy defense, and none of our RBs have the kind of homerun speed like Vandy's Vaughn did. That was a video game performance.

As UTEopia said, we're not going to see an aerial circus. But I think we'll see offense that is good enough to put us in a position to achieve our goals.

If we get to the Rose Bowl, I would be beyond ecstatic. If we get to a bowl game and win it, I'll note that success. Nothing is guaranteed.
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