I’m going to go ahead and say what some folks who have seen a few years of Utah football are likely worrying over.

Posted By: Trumpet Ute
Date: Monday 12 August 2019, at 11:54 pm
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That worry - it’s Dejavoo all over again with Ludwig.

Namely, the head scratching play calling.

I remember at least 3 games, sitting in the NEZ, watching miserable attempts at rushing up the middle when the team was backed up against the goal line.
1st down: Johnson takes the snap, hands the ball to Mack, who the runs directly into the right guard, who cannot make a seam while trying to carry out the zone blocking scheme. The guard can’t go forward, Mack can’t adjust. He seems to just fall onto the guard’s back, sticking like a bug on flypaper. No power to push the pile. A Loss of yardage was likely.
2nd down: same play, exactly the same result.
3rd down: 60% of the time a pass outside, not enough to get that 1st down. 40% of the time, was a repeat of the run play that had continually failed before.
4th down: Punt, and wear our defense down.

That sequence repeated. It became a new nightmare for me (Kaneshiro doink was the original).

“Fire Ludwig” was cathartic.

I know we have PAC12 talent, plus new assistant coaches now. I know Ludwig has gained lots of experience since then. That is all exciting. But If any running back rushes into the back of a lineman, I’ll be going back to that catchy cathartic phrase in my head....

PS: “Fire Ludwig” was fun also, in those games where we lit up the scoreboard.

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