Sordid story of toxic chemicals and greed

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Date: Wednesday 10 July 2019, at 03:49 pm
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I think of my Trib subscription as a charity. But this is a good article.

Ogden bought an old building from a prominent local business. Inside was a mind-boggling stockpile of hazardous waste.

The Swift meatpacking plant in Ogden closed in the 60's. Bert Smith of Smith & Edwards bought the place, It's a large chunk of land with a a big old decrepit building. It sits next to the river. Smith & Edwards was/is a military surplus store. Smith used the old Swift place for storage.

In the 70's the DOD sold a lot of surplus stuff. You had to bid on an entire lot. A lot could consist of a few jeeps, a couple desks and a couple 50 gal drums of toxic waste. The DOD was clever back then. And they bought a lot of nasty $#!+, with few if an controls, they needed to get rid of so they bundled it with innocuous junk.

Over the decades the toxic waste kept accumulating at the Swift site. Something over 60,000 containers have been found. Thankfully, there were no spills or the Weber river could have been killed.

A couple years ago Ogden City bought the site. A CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) study had been done but the inspector didn't get access the site. A mind bending disclosure.

Fortunately, the EPA accepted the property as a super fund site. The EPA is cleaning the site now and will try to scratch back the cleanup cost from the potentially responsible parties, including the Smith family heirs.
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