Bulgaria is in the same neighborhood, right?

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Date: Thursday 13 June 2019, at 03:18 pm
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Off topic, I'm sorry.

Anyway the little company I used to work for had software programming offices in Bulgaria, Mexico and Cairo. We had a company meeting in San Diego and the heads of all the offices attended.

One of the big issues was poor configuration control. Changes to the software sometimes came as a surprise. The different programming shops didn't like each other and didn't let the other shops know what they were working on or what changes they had implemented.

So, most of the company including the foreign folks were in a conference room. I had been charged with addressing the software configuration control issue.

I was giving a powerpoint presentation recommending we institute an MRB-like (material review board) process to review, test, approve, implement and document changes by a board consisting of reps from every organization. It was watered down version of the process used by the rocket ranch.

The Bulgarian was a chain-smoking, emaciated, sucked-in cheeks character who shook his head side-to-side when he meant Yes, and up & down when he meant No. He started every comment by sucking his teeth.

At the end of my pitch he sucked his teeth three times, nodded his head up & down and said "When we were communists and didn't want to do something, we would form a committee like you recommend."

I've never been put down quite so well.

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