Tantrum Don Cries Wolf, Again...

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Thursday 13 June 2019, at 07:20 am
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"We have people on the Fed that really weren't, you know, they're not my people," he complained, despite the fact that the people on the Fed are quite literally his people. As in, he formally nominated almost all of them: Four of the five sitting Fed board governors were Trump picks, including Fed Chair Jerome H. Powell, who was first appointed to the board by President Barack Obama and then elevated to chair by Trump.

What Trump meant, of course, is that his "people" haven't shown loyalty to him personally; rather, they are making policy decisions based on their congressionally determined dual mandate, which is stable prices and maximum employment. He contrasted U.S. central bankers' behavior to that of their Chinese counterparts, who he said always obey Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The sooner Our Illustrious One is gone from government the better. This is unfortunate, because he could have done some good. Now, I simply take nothing he says seriously because its all about him, somehow.

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