RE: The Democrat leadership appears to be high centered on the issue of impeachment for the sitting president...

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Tuesday 11 June 2019, at 02:14 pm

When it is 97% one party it pretty much is partisan. Obstruction is quit a stretch, what president has not considered or tried to do something only to learn he can't? In the end the process completed with him causing maybe a few extra steps. Does not seem to even be attempted.
Next, what good comes from it? Pence? There would be a significant number that does not like Trump that would then give him their sympathy. Do we really want to start trying to get rid of presidents because don't like them?
A better approach would be to offer a better option. In the end nothing will change without doing that. If you haven't confidence that your best option can't beat Trump, I suppose you could consider setting the country's hair on fire just to see if that is worse.
I would prefer the democrats talk little about Trump, and go about presenting an option most of us can see is better. Time is waisting.
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