The Democrat leadership appears to be high centered on the issue of impeachment for the sitting president...

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Tuesday 11 June 2019, at 10:48 am
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Politico: Pelosi-Nadler clash over impeachment intensifies.

I understand Pelosi's argument that impeachment is likely DOA in the Republican controlled Senate.

In a related Politico story on Justin Amash: Justin Amash quits House Freedom Caucus.

And I tend to agree that to impeach him now would get the nation tangled up for his remaining term, and could possibly give our sitting president a sympathy lift in terms of votes in November 2020.

I also agree that our sitting president has obstructed justice. At a minimum. A few years from now, when the major bits are known in countless books written about our sitting president's term, we will learn that his misdeeds were a lot worse than we think now. I just sense it.

The Democrats are receiving a lot of criticism from Republicans for what they view are unnecessary and unjustified investigations. But given that the entire situation is sorted and obviously to me at least the sitting president is guilty of wrongdoing, what should the House do? Should it ignore its Constitutionally required check and balance via oversight? Republicans were beside themselves over Obama's over reach with Executive Orders and the such. Perhaps rightly so. So should we simply look past what the sitting president is doing, go along, cheer it on even?

What would you do, what do you think?
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