You’re right. In a completely hypothetical world. It is possible.

Posted By: ironman1315
Date: Sunday 9 June 2019, at 11:57 am

But it is very very unlikely. So unlikely that it makes no sense to waste our breath on it. Where will trump get the votes in Congress for the appeal? Assuming that all the states that voted for Trump voted to repeal the 22nd Amendment, trump would need to flip 8 blue states to get the repeal. Tell me where those votes will come from. I want specific states and the reasoning why those states will flip. Anything less is idle speculation.

The more likely route is a military seizure of power. Do you trust our military so little that you think they’d betray their country like that? Or that Congress wouldn’t step in if
They saw a power grab by restricting the purse? Or that the dates wouldn’t call up theor militias (the national guard) to stop the violent overthrow? Or that the people would sit complacently by whole hundreds of years of tradition gets upended?

The problem with comparing those countries to the US is that they don’t have deep traditions in democracy and republican governments. The us does. In fact, they have about four hundred years of self governance by way of elections. Those people are more apt to cede power to a dictatorship because it’s what a lot of the population is used to. It will take a lot more than his hairness and is rambling bull $#!+ to get the US into a dictatorship. Enough with the fear mongering.
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