The Move To Dictatorship...

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Sunday 9 June 2019, at 10:49 am
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I engaged in a conversation a few pages back on the likelihood of a repeal to the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution so that Donald Trump could secure a third term. Another poster thought the notion preposterous and questioned my mention of it. While I agree that there are lots of "bulwarks" in this country to make such a change a ridiculous proposition. I trust in those bulwarks too, but I am more pessimistic about the potential for rapid and unsavory political change. If you had told me five years ago, that this country would be in the situation it now finds itself, I would tell you to get your head examined. While that is kinda what I was told a few pages back.

Since I worked all over the world, Asia and Europe in particular, I have witnessed astonishing change not for the better. In fact, over the last few years we have seen a strong move back toward dictatorship in China, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina, Kenya, Russia, to name just a few. I encourage all of you to do a search on "countries moving toward dictatorship". You will be surprised.

Having worked in Turkey for 5 years, the sudden move by Erdogan to dictatorship shocked me.

See this 2017 Economist Article: Turkey is sliding into dictatorship. We know know what has occurred. Not good. And the speed of that change was astonishing.

Here is how that happens in a Forbes Article from 2013: How Dictators Come To Power In A Democracy.

Here is what our president is doing vis-à-vis dictators, The Atlantic: Nine Notorious Dictators, Nine Shout-Outs From Donald Trump.

Foreign Policy from Nov. 23, 2016 (Media Bias, slightly right of center):
10 Ways to Tell if Your President Is a Dictator – Just because the United States is a democracy now, it doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

From National Review, Feb. 2016 (Media Bias, far right): Dictatorship, American Style.

An opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune in Sept. 2016: An American dictatorship? Yes, it could happen.

On repeal of the 22nd Amendment, see this The New Republic piece (Media bias, way left): Eight More Years! The Case for Removing Term Limits.

From the far right, The Federalist: Want to Stop Executive Amnesty? Repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment
Continuing the case for a republican president.

If you search on articles about repeal of the 22nd Amendment, you will be surprised. There is support all over the place for it.

Here is one where Trump jokes about repealing the 22nd Amendment, from the Washington Examiner in July 2018: Lawmakers slow to reintroduce presidential term limit repeal under Trump.

My point is that there is folly in assuming it can never happen here. Anything can happen. If you wish to dismiss this notion, fine, do it at your own peril. Stranger things have happened, as we witness every day.
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