Good joke! And unfortunately it's pretty accurate for a large percentage of those in DC. However, there are some important exceptions: Bernie of course. AOC. Ilhan Omar. I know you're a conservative ...

Posted By: 96GradAlum
Date: Thursday 6 June 2019, at 10:41 am
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and I'm trying to think of any GOP'ers in DC that consistently speak the truth, and I just can't think of any that do. Some do occasionally ... if it suits their narrative at the moment. Please feel free to point me to any you can think of and I'll follow them moving forward.

I'm sure you'll discount this post as partisan since I have a reputation here as a Bernie-Bro. However, I think their records actually speak for themselves. Bernie has a long history of actually submitting legislation to address serious issues. AOC is doing the same. I know some will try to point to some cases where they've misspoke or misquoted something and present that as a "lie". But those are few and far between IMHO and not really what I think most people consider to be an actual lie.

PS sorry to turn you attempt at humor into a political post. ... well ... not really
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