75 years ago my good friend Henry Martin stormed his way onto Juno Beach with the Canadian Scottish Regiment. He told me "as we approached the beach I looked around the boat and found the biggest guy. I tucked in right behind him and when the doors

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Date: Thursday 6 June 2019, at 08:16 am
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opened I just started yelling RUN, RUN, RUN!! We ran across the sand through a lot of machine gun fire until we made it to the sea wall." They rested in the shelter of the sea wall for a bit before they started fighting their way into the town. Later that day they found some wine in a cellar and got drunk. I think they earned it.

Later in the war he met his wife while training in Scotland. He got busted for being AWOL at one point because he had gone to go see her. He was wounded near Falaise and that was the end of his war.

He and Ann moved to Edmonton after the war and he had a successful business. They took a shine to my oldest son when he was little in part because their kids and grandkids didn't live very close by. Henry was a bit gruff but was a big teddy bear. He always had Werther's candies in his pocket for my son. They were very special people. He liked to talk about the early part of the war, training in Scotland, the fun times he had with buddies, but rarely spoke about getting wounded or the latter part of his war. The only thing I recall him saying was that he had never seen so many dead horses in his life.

I miss talking with Henry but I honor his service today. Rest in Peace.

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