That's been the fear for 20 years but most corporations are just adjusting accordingly.

Posted By: The Thrill
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 03:41 pm

I think there is a fear in business that if you start laying off people in lieu of robotics and automation you create a slippery slope panic in your workforce.

Several of our manufacturers have swapped out robots for humans, the humans were offered jobs but with stipulations typically designed to make the employee quit. Including (transferring to a facility 100 miles away, boring monotonous jobs, physically demanding jobs, etc...) over time those people who were displaced by robotics and automation quit on their own the their jobs were never filled. This is a tricky way to manipulate unemployment numbers that doesn't include laying people off.

With that said, there are still great fears that automation will hurt employment overall. Here's a story from a couple of years ago stating why that hasn't happened. snt-automation-creating-unemployment/

With one caveat

In the more distant future, the story might be quite different and service sector jobs might experience the kind of declines we now see in manufacturing. However, this analysis suggests that as long as new technology is addressing major unmet wants, it need not create mass unemployment. However, the challenge for policymakers is to help people acquire the skills needed to work with new technologies.
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