So you're saying now would be a bad time to be out of work...did I mention the contract I've worked for the last 11+ years was lost to a competitor and my last day was May 31?

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 03:31 pm
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Honestly, I've been looking since late March and have twice been among final candidates, only to lose out to another. Not sure why on one, but the other my headhunter was told it was because the other person was willing to work for a lower pay scale.

There may be something to that comment about paying a valid wage. I've passed on applying for several I'd be eligible for because the posted salary is so far below national average. For example, a local CC call center manager position offering $17/hour, while associates are starting at $15, so management only making an extra $80/week. Yes, extra $4k/year, but still puts you about $20k below national base and more than $30k below the average.

So if anyone knows someone in Salt Lake Valley hiring an experienced customer service specialist with event planning, travel planning, and account management expertise, and they're paying a decent wage, lmk.
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