I couldn't find current capital plant & equipment investment stats after an exhaustive 3 minute google, so I don't know how its been going. I know stock buybacks have set records - not a positive development.

Posted By: pangloss
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 01:06 pm
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Equity markets have attracted boatloads of capital. I would guess that
P&E investment has been flat. I think corporations, by and large, have had all the money they need for investment - debt is cheap and equity markets are flush. So the corporate tax cut was put into stock buy-backs and dividends - neither of which goose the economy much. I wonder what foreign investment by US corps has been. If that took a big jumpm that would be a hell of a note (I don't know if that occured, just speculating).

Raising the minimum wage to $15 would put lots of cash in the economy quickly. People living hand-to-mouth don't invest new cash.

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