Conservative Econ 101 has always told us that a strong economy would just naturally push wages upward. Supply and demand, y'know.

Posted By: wannabeaute
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 11:33 am
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The Invisible Hand, blah, blah, blah.

Where I work we are having yet another record year. Records across the board in every department. 2016 was a record. 2017, 2018 and now 2019. Weekly records, monthly records, yearly records.

The turnover rate here is about 30% annually, across all departments. Outside of the commission sales people, who are earning more as a result of record sales, nobody in any position here has received a raise other than those already established for that position years ago based on longevity.

Our competitors can have almost any blue collar worker here with a $2,000 signing bonus. We don't even try to match it. One 60ish department head just quit after setting monthly records. "Too much corporate bull$#!+" was his answer to me. I suspect this guy may leave the workforce entirely.

The family that owns this company are billionaires as of three years ago. This after being in business for 45 years.

Just. Not. Gettin'. It.
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