One major issue with homelessness is drugs and mentally unstable

Posted By: The Thrill
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 11:23 am
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We've noticed that the lower we dip into the employee pool the higher the likelihood of the unemployable there is. Either severe addictions or just plain dumb.

We've hired three people who within a month stopped showing up. They'd never seen so much money, not a lot to be honest, and were blowing it all on booze and drugs. It's a sad reality of addiction.

Then the other 2 people we almost hired, completely failed the competency test we provided. To the point they either can't read, won't read or just too lazy to read. Unemployable. I'm not even talking about mentally disabled, that's different.

All of this leads to homelessness. More money, more problems. So many think "I got a job once, I can do it again." Nope. Once the drugs run out and they clean up they aren't welcome back. No money, no job is a slippy slope to homelessness. I honestly feel bad for these people and blame their natural support group for failing them.

Fix society? Fix natural support groups. I don't want to get off topic but having kids you don't want (i.e. no abortion) is a quick way to have a failed natural support group. That will only further our decline in society.

Uplifting, positive culture can help society. I'm not saying religion, so much negativity with religion long term. We need to stop putting money into wars and military and funnel all that money into education and public programs. Make people happy. Fulfill their hierarchy of needs per Mazlow. Complete the two-factors of motivation per Herzberg. We teach motivation principles through business, why does society teach fear tactics? Bad leadership. The KITA approach has been proven to be so ineffective, yet our nations leaders swear by it.

Time for a massive overhaul.
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