One thing I have noticed is that employers are still reluctant to pay higher wages and are very reluctant to offer to train people for the job they want to fill. Too many employers (especially in Utah) are expecting fully trained & experienced folks

Posted By: GUBA
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 09:59 am
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to just show up at their door ready and willing to work for the same low wages they have paid for years. The good employees know they can move around until they find the employers that are willing to pay competitive wages, offer better benefits, and train those who are less experienced. Those stuck in the old way of thinking are stuck with the revolving door of employees.

For example my wife loves to quilt and decided she wanted to teach quilting classes. She found a fabric store that hires teachers and got a job there. The store barely pays above minimum wage and they have a very tough time finding and keeping staff. My wife only works very part time and mostly for the fabric discount and some extra cash. The company refuses to consider offering higher pay to attract better employees and the owner is sometimes frustrated that they can't find or keep good people.
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