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Posted By: The Thrill
Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019, at 09:10 am
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We all know the economy can be a fragile function of our society, it can also be very solid. I believe we're in a very fragile phase. I've mentioned on here before about my gas station theory (or fast food - Thanks HoopUte). You can tell how good the economy and unemployment are by the type of employee you find in those establishments. Case in point, at a local gas station near me, the toothless wonder behind the counter had to throw a bunch of change on the counter and have me count out what my change was to him. Not sure he knew math or if he was afraid of coins.

I've noticed a growing trend in businesses where companies can't keep the help they hired. Mostly teens or people who'd rather shoot up heroine than work. Once they get the money they need, a job is the last thing on their mind. Here are some examples.

1. Last night we went to a cafe near our house. Great food but the dude working there was struggling. He'd been there since 7am (it was 8pm when I was there). I asked about delivery, he said he can't...not enough staff. I shared with him my gas station theory and he said he's hired 7 people since March and all had quit. Mostly teens looking for money before summer.

2. On the way home from the cafe we stopped by a gas station. I attempted to go inside to buy some gum. Sign on the door saying "Not enough staff. Inside is closed until morning".

3. On my Memorial Day trip to Vernal the hotel we stayed at delayed our check-in by 3 hours because "the entire cleaning crew quit today." I wasn't sure if they quit because they wanted to enjoy the holiday, they were tired of being treated poorly or just didn't care for the job. Needless to say, the one dude at the hotel was scrambling.

4. Just the other day I went to Taco Bell, I was trying to kill myself, and the drive-thru was closed. A sign on the drive-thru sign said "drive-thru closed. Come inside." So I went inside and the dude in there said that they've been so short staffed that he just can't work the drive-thru and the front counter.

Here's what I think. The economy is booming, I work in construction and jobs opportunities have been off the charts for 2 years now. The company has made a ton of money but none of the employees have really prospered. That's another thread. My point is business is booming. If it's tax cuts or whatever, businesses have a ton of extra capital to put towards jobs and hiring. At this time though most of our customers have to put their jobs on hold, they just don't have enough people to throw at it.

We have a lot of jobs floating money for several reasons. Not enough employees to work the jobs. Transportation delays are not getting product to jobs fast enough. Production delays are not getting raw material fast enough (steel, etc...). All of these delays stem from a lack of talent.

What are your thoughts? Any issues at your job due to a lack of good employees?
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