A week or so back, I posted about Our Illustrious One and his take over of the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA... | Utefans.Net
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A week or so back, I posted about Our Illustrious One and his take over of the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA...

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 09:25 am

I've known about the man's tactics for decades and if you don't, see this piece by Michael Kruse in Politico, June 3, 2019: Can Trump Still Sue His Way Out of Trouble?

As a developer he loved taking his enemies to court. As president he’s still running the same aggressive playbook, and this time it’s writing history in real time.

The people who have known him the longest are not surprised in the least. “He sues,” said Barbara Res, the Trump Tower construction manager and a former executive vice president of the Trump Organization. “That’s his M.O. He sues.”

“He’s used litigation historically to keep hostile forces at bay and to delay reckonings,” Trump biographer Tim O’Brien said. “He’s also used it to try to embarrass competitors, critics or opponents. And I think by and large he’s done that successfully. He’s the poster child for the abuses and inefficiencies of the American court system.”

What was it that he wanted? To intimidate. To pay less. To save face by distancing himself from faltering projects. To fuel publicity. To buy time. To win in the longer run. For now, the Trump administration’s “win rate” in the federal courts is abysmal. The two recent suits he filed to block subpoenas for his records were summarily shot down, both judges ruling with unusual speed and dismissiveness. In these cases, if Trump was trying to delay, if he was trying to intimidate, it didn’t work. “It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a president for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct,” one of the judges wrote, adding that Trump’s legal arguments had “fundamental” problems. At this, though, Dershowitz shrugged. “What’s important,” he said, “is what the courts ultimately decide, not how many lower courts go against him.”

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UtahFanSir icon NEW: A week or so back, I posted about Our Illustrious One and his take over of the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA...
UtahFanSir - -- Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 09:25 am [ID# 1947727] [reply]
SforkUte icon NEW: He’s a loud mouthed, fat ass bully. (nm)
SforkUte - -- Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 09:48 am [ID# 1947728] [reply]
o NEW: And those are his best qualities. The real trump is far worse. (nm)
UteBrave - -- Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 10:40 am [ID# 1947729] [reply]
Red Don icon NEW: No surprise, the Art of the Deal's advice to Theresa May regarding the Brexit ordeal was to sue the European Union.
Red Don - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 10:52 am [ID# 1947731] [reply]
pangloss icon NEW: Trump feels no shame breaking contracts he agreed to. He routinely stiffs vendors and thinks it a badge of honor to be sued.
pangloss - -- Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 07:02 pm [ID# 1947743] [reply]
Newbomb Turk icon NEW: As I've stated before, he is a horrible president and a worse human being. (nm)
Newbomb Turk - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 10:11 pm [ID# 1947746] [reply]
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