I think there is even more to the issue with China...

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Tuesday 4 June 2019, at 08:54 am
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First off, China restricts trade into China. The US allowed unrestricted trade from China into the US and wanted China to allow the same.

China is subsidizing some of its industries. The US wants that curbed.

China obviously does not have regulations US companies must comply with, or worker safety, or pay, etc., etc., etc. US unions have been angry this for many decades.

China requires that firms wishing to do business in their country open their patents to them for the products being made or sold in China. This has destroyed a few US companies. The Chinese are stealing intellectual property from the US and others, and a lot of that is done by the Chinese military. The Chinese pay lip service to intellectual property rights, that's it.

A friend of mine was in the home product business from the early 1970s. Every year he designed and made a slate of cool products. He said that at some point the Chinese would come to the US trade shows, take photos of products, and by the end of the week, Chinese trade organizations would be offering those same latest designs by US companies to the market at lower prices. It got so bad, and the trade shows disallowed cameras. Then along came the iPhone. After 40 years he exited the business, and not because he retired.

The US has a lot of reasons to be annoyed with China, more than I detailed. While I applaud Trump for going after them, I agree with the statement above that fighting the battle in public as Trump has done, is not wise. To compound his chosen tactics, I know that he does it for show. Further, Trump's hatred of multilateralism is unfortunate. Together we success, divided we fall. Today, cooperation is needed more than at any other time in history. Trump is coming at this from a pure John Birch Society point of view that in my opinion is doomed to fail. I think he is making America weak, not great.

Already in a number of international affairs, our president has shown his ineptitude, sheer incompetence and ignorance. He wants you to think he is a great negotiator. Based on what I have witnessed, speaking as someone who did international negotiations for a major oil company, Trump is worse than just bad at it. He is dangerous.

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