Upcoming Bowl Lineups

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Date: Monday 3 June 2019, at 08:58 pm
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I can’t remember how much of this was known around here already but Brett McMurphy has posted an article listing Bowl tie-ins for the P5 conferences for the 2020-2025 period. Here’s the Pac-12:

Pac-12 (8)
2020-25 lineup:
Rose vs. Big Ten
Alamo vs. Big 12
Las Vegas vs. SEC/Big Ten
Los Angeles vs. Mountain West
Holiday vs. ACC
Redbox vs. Big Ten
Sun vs. ACC
Independence vs. ACC

Changes: The NCAA granted the Pac-12 an additional bowl bid in the new cycle and the Pac-12 is expected to add the Los Angeles Bowl vs. the Mountain West and the Independence Bowl against the ACC. The Pac-12 also will play against either the SEC or the Big Ten in the new Las Vegas Bowl. By adding two bowls, the Pac-12 had to drop one – it’s expected to be the Cheez-It Bowl. The Pac-12 will now have Power 5 opponents in seven of its eight bowls, including three from the ACC and at least two from the Big Ten.

As expected, Vegas jumps up a couple spots in the order (and many steps in competition - looks like it’s expected to be the third or fourth selection for the SEC/BigTen). Nice to see that there will still be a bowl game against the Mountain West. Surprised to see it jumping over the Holiday Bowl, though, I’d this list ends up accurate.

P5 Bowl Tie-ins 2020-25

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