They'd be the exact same place the democrats are AND the democrats would be sitting on their hands and pretending it wasn't that big of a deal.

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Sunday 2 June 2019, at 08:30 am
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There is no moral high ground when everyone is spiraling to the bottom.

Let's not forget that just a few years ago that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch were meeting on the tarmac at an airport for a casual visit while Lynch was investigating his wife. Of course we were all to believe that it was just old friends catching up. But it was so inappropriate that James Comey took the unprecedented step of publicly announcing the results of their investigation and that they didn't feel they had enough evidence to prosecute HRC. (Keep in mind he never said she didn't do those things, in fact he was quite scathing of her conduct). But how was that not obstruction of justice by Bill Clinton?

Donald Trump is the worst President in our history by far, I'm counting down the days until he is gone, but the two-faced-ness of all these partisans is downright comical. These sort of thought exercises just point out the hypocrisy of everybody.
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