Well, yes

Posted By: trulyred86
Date: Saturday 1 June 2019, at 10:37 pm
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I have been decidedly left-leaning for about 30 years now and squirmed through a lot of Republican-led years, but I have never felt like the elected President was absolutely horrible for our country like I do with the current POTUS. I would take almost any other prominent GOP leader from the last 30 years over him (and give up 4 years of Obama to do it.)
It isn't the man's "politics" that give me nightmares, it is the fact that he is NOT A GOOD PERSON. He "leads" our country toward his own bigotry, intolerance, insensitivity, egotism and self-centered ("America First") thinking and has many in his party saying "oh but at least he isn't a Democrat, so it must be better..."

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