"Connections" with James Burke, was terrific, it was also a product of BBC and PBS...

Posted By: Vegas Ute
Date: Saturday 1 June 2019, at 10:28 am

Who still do science and history better than (almost) all the cable stations...

The Golden Age of Television that we live in has produced some wonderful stuff, but it seems to me that the ratio of "good TV" is the same... 98% crap... It is just that there is so much more crap that the 2% is bigger in absolute terms.

If you sift though the crap there is more good stuff to see, in fact sometimes I forget just how much of the 24/7/365 x 150 channels is utter garbage.

Rant over...

FWIW: the steaming services like Netflicks & Amazon are places I go to feed my documentary habit.

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