That idea is far more practical I think...

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Friday 31 May 2019, at 02:35 pm
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The challenge in this world those is that a clandestine group or individual may have as much ability to cause problems as a nation.

Further, any conceptual cyber fence would be easily bypassed as nature of the internet, so only the most amateur hacker could be stopped by this. And this isn't even considering state 'enemies' that are our citizens and are on our soil. Thats just part of the world we are dealing with.

The SCARY part of all of this is that Russia's massive success coupled with Trumps denial means that a whole bunch of our enemies are are now motivated to attack.

So step one, get all the nations to agree to not interfere with the internal workings of the other nations (that means the US too) in a Geneva Convention like manner like you suggested. Step two, a defensive strategy to continue to develop technology to protect our systems on an individual level. Step three, get the DNC to put up a basic firewall and encrypt their computers and emails.
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