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Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Friday 31 May 2019, at 08:08 am
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POLITICO Playbook: Trump gambles with the global economy, and his own reelection.

The smart money is speaking. We saw two huge downdrafts in the US equity markets since 2018 both related to one thing, Our Illustrious One. Yes, the first major downdraft corrected, just about, until our president decided to good all in.

This is related to tariffs. Our president is either ignorant or lying, likely both. He is telling his base that the countries he has imposed tariffs on are paying the US Treasury. If you believe that, please contact me, because I have a bridge I want to sell you. There have been many posts about tariffs and who pays for them. The short answer is we pay.

One Simple Policy to Simultaneously Strengthen Your Currency and Weaken Your Exports.

My wife is convinced that we are the chumps were, that the Trump Family shorted the market.

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