Basketball Staff changes

Posted By: salUTE
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019, at 08:00 pm

I'm a bit confused with the announcements today, and hoping that someone can clear this up:

1. DeMarlo Slocum left for UNLV, leaving on assistant coach opening, which was speculated to be going as a promotion to Chris Jones, current Director of Basketball Operations.

2. Rumors were circulating that Donnie Daniels, would return to the U staff in a non-recruiting position, likely the Director of Basketball Operations position that would be freed up by the promotion of Chris Jones.

Today, it was announced that Donnie Daniels will join the staff as Director of Player Development, and that Henry Martinez would join the staff as an Assistant Coach.

Chris Jones is still listed on the U BB Website as the Director of Basketball Operations position.

I assume This means that:

- Martinez will fill the DeMarlo Slocum assistant Coach opening,

- Chris Jones will stay on in his current position,

- Donny Daniels will take a new position of Director of Player Development.

Can anyone confirm this is the case?

And if so:

1. are we in danger of losing Chris Jones, having missed his opportunity for promotion, and if so will his son transfer with him?

2. I believe the NCAA limits actual coaches (head coach and assistants) to a total of 4 per team. Is the University allowed to add new, non-coaching/non-recruiting positions at will? If so, the addition of Daniels in this new role, seems like a really nice investment in the program.
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