Full disclosure...

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019, at 06:13 pm

That article was analysis from 2013, and not for this recent tax cut. I assume that CRS has corrected some of the issues that marred their 2012 report that was criticized then.

I would not characterize the 2012 CRS report as a joke, but it did contain some flaws in approach. What I have not done is see if those flaws were material.

The critique of the report said this, "The CRS study omits important variables and poisons its results by not holding other factors constant. The variables it does examine are indirectly related to the relationship one should be studying, but the study does not follow them for long enough to get the whole picture. The study is as weak now as it was when it was first issued."

Recall that I posted the media bias for this critique, it is right of center.

I knew that the new CRS showed that the GOP tax cut benefited few. So I posted the older critique in an attempt to temper our wholesale dismissal of the GOP tax cut. Still, the CRS may be spot on. We need to maintain perspective.

Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

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