Just got off the phone w/ a company in Vermont. I'm buying a roof rack for my truck from them. I asked if he was a Bernie supporter and he hesitated ...

Posted By: 96GradAlum
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019, at 12:34 pm

b/c I didn't identify the fact that I'm a huge Bernie supporter so he didn't know how to answer the question. When I told him I'm huge supporter he said people just don't realize how good a man he is. He said Bernie used to pay with his own money to take the elderly up to Canada to buy drugs they couldn't afford here in the US, before it became illegal.

There are only a few candidates in the field that I trust will actually try to do things that help average citizens. Bernie is at the top of that list. Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang round out the top 3. The rest are all BS IMHO. Maybe Liz Warren, but I just don't think she has a prayer in the general election. I know a lot of you think Bernie doesn't have a prayer either but, I think you're wrong. I think he has a great shot against Drumpf b/c a lot of the younger folks will come out and vote.


PS, I'm betting the DNC shafts Bernie again in the primaries though

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