Politics in America are a weird conflict of macro and micro issues...

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019, at 10:43 am

(And I agree with what you said above) - But our congress people know they have to appeal to their local base, and so they'll do things that are ultimately bad for the country (and they know it) because it will appeal to their constituents of District #9 in whatever state.

We see the same thing here in Utah locally. See things like Utah liquor laws. Can we come up with reasonable laws that prevent underaged drinking and reduce DUIs while still allowing adults to get a drink? Sure we could. And would it be better for the state as a whole, and maybe even do a better job at preventing those two issues? Of course. But, when it comes to beating the street in the next election, they don't want to appear to be soft on liquor laws with their neighbors.

That conflict nationally or locally becomes EVERYTHING to politicians who are interested in nothing more than power.

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