Our politicians gave up on doing the right thing long before any of us had a vote...

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019, at 10:37 am
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Look at McConnell pivot on his 'right thing' stance of preventing a president in his last year of getting a Supreme Court nomination. It happens when people look the other way at Bill Clinton's many "#metoo" misdeeds. It happens when conservatives ignore all of Trump's misdeeds. It happens when Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney's purported tax evasion, and when later pressed on it said, "It worked, didn't it?"

This could be the longest post in the world on this particular subject.

But let me ask this, is it the right thing to attempt to impeach a president when you know you are surrounded by people who won't actually do the right thing and actually consider if he has obstructed justice? Is it the right thing when you have no chance of removing a president who deserves to be removed through the impeachment process because the Senate would never carry it out?

Hard to say. I really don't like Nancy Pelosi, but I can say that at the very least, in this instance, she at least ISN'T "doing the wrong thing."

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