Right... and government is an extension of our nature (plus nurture), and tends to morph following relative changes in the prevalance of competing nurtures (which can be observed in competing ideas expressed as memes, morals, proposed legislation,

Posted By: Zeous
Date: Thursday 30 May 2019, at 03:05 am

debate subjects, criteria for declaration of war, etc).

One of the main justifications for government among a people is the role of shepherd, not just guarding against wolves from outside the flock, but also against wolves inside the flock, wearing sheep's clothing.

One of the main needs for a constitution, law and a solid social contract is also the role of shepherd, which has a primary function of guarding against that which is worse than wolves in sheep's clothing... wolves in shepherds' clothing.

Free speech, freedom of assembly, right and ability to bear arms (i.e. self-defense, but coupled with no unjust aggression or harm and responsibility), due process, trial by jury and speedy trial (dispute resolution) are all ideas identified by previous generations as mechanisms to help the people guard against wolves in shepherd's clothing. These ideas can be nurtured or not. And ideas in direct competition and contradiction to them can be nurtured or not. As can ideas that would mildly tweak.

So yeah, government is an extension of our nature but it is also very much an extension of our nurture. Which is why there is some risk in government education, because the organization can nurture highly effectively to its own ends, if wolves in shepherd's clothing capture enough influence in the education department.

Seems to me that government ideally is largely automated according to the amassed wisdom of history (which is kind of the basis of a code of law), such that the people it serves can be sustainable and prosperous and enjoy maximum quality of life while minimizing unnecessary suffering. The devil is in the details of defining all that.

One of the ideas that I think deserves more nurture is the separation (or minimization) of money and government. That one has been discussed here a number of times. Bitcoin's potential is interesting in that regard.

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