Let's all take off our partisan goggles for a minute and discuss a TRUTH as noted by Mueller. Russia attempted to interfere with our election "and that should concern every American."

Posted By: Rocker Ute
Date: Wednesday 29 May 2019, at 10:06 am
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We can talk about how we do the same in other countries or even how effective their efforts were or why the tried to influence the election. But I think the most important questions arecHOW did they try to interfere and WHAT are we going to do to make sure they can't do it this next election?

Let's start with social media. All Americans should be disgusted with the tech oligarchs who have done almost nothing to stop the spreading of misinformation or curbing the accounts of people they know are our enemies. They've shown that they plan to do very little to fix that before it matters too.

It would be nice if we could all unify together to demand that they do something and the easiest way to register your demand is to shut down your accounts. A while back I shut down some of my social media accounts and deleted all social media apps from my phone. I was nervous how it would be and honestly my life improved noticeably (and I'm not even really active on major social media). I've become convinced that social media as it is today is a bane on existence. We aren't more connected, we are less. It propagates depression, loneliness and hate. Trying to encapsulate thoughts in a 200 character blurb or in a photo or meme is no way to interact with humans.

So seriously, consider shutting off the things that have become toxic in your life for even a week or two and see if it makes a difference. It will. And then demand that the tech oligarchs step up to maintain liberty.

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