It's too bad Harlan does not share your view on the BYU game...

Posted By: NicaUte
Date: Wednesday 22 May 2019, at 12:33 pm
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When Chris Hill stepped down, Tom Holmoe saw this as an opportunity to kiss up to Harlan and it seems to have worked. Everything I have heard come out of Harlan's mouth is that BYU will continue to be on the football schedule going forward.

To me, this shows the athletic dept is too lazy to go out and schedule a better P5 non-conference game. I'm actually surprised that Harlan can't figure out this game is a no win situation for Utah and a huge favor to BYU.

For the record, I'm not opposed to playing BYU occasionally - if they want the game to be played, they can come to RES when we have a hole in our schedule. Otherwise, we should be playing at least one non-conference P5 team on an annual basis. But unfortunately Harlan does not seem interested in growing a pair and telling the zoobs to suck it!
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