Talk $#!+, get hit.

Posted By: Duhwayne
Date: Sunday 19 May 2019, at 09:27 pm
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Going to England to find the boogeymen you can't find under your bed?

I don't recall a time like this current era, except maybe when boomers were acting out before. The tiki torches and incel types aren't coming from the left. Antifa more or less is reactionary, even in name.

Maybe that's the problem. Boomers got old and they still like stirring up violence. They think it's patriotic to pardon murderous soldiers turned in by their own SEAL team. They want a new war even though we already wore out the treasure and troops, but this time they want it with a country tougher than Iraq. Hezbollah is a serious, trained organization that can bring the fight to the homeland. As a NY resident thanks in advance. This kind of politics gets people killed, and that gets more people killed. A lot more. Maybe wagging the dog will distract the dip$#!+s away from the sabotage being done to the economy with a bungled trade war, and their financial security with skyrocketing debt. Senators who shut the government down over spending four years ago are now just letting the debt explode. Let's go to war. That will help.

History shows us America will end someday. I'd prefer it not be anytime soon. Just cause you're old and on your way out doesn't mean you should do your level best to take the rest of us with you.
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