I couldn't disagree with you more

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Wednesday 15 May 2019, at 01:41 pm
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I've been in production my whole career, and employee retention, even at the lowest skilled position is always an issue. Words I've never heard "work him hard until he quits". Everything I see on linkedin are articles talking about how to be a better boss, how to better treat and engage your employees to for better retention. The cost of hiring and training are real costs with very little return on investment.

From an economic perspective, certainly there is a supply demand equation where more people equals more supply which drives prices aka wages down. But to make that the root of the abortion issue is such a stretch as to make me think you aren't truly serious.

Whether you are pro or con, I think you have to agree that the root of the issue is whether that baby in the womb is a person with rights, period. You either think it is, and therefore it's murder, or you think it doesn't and therefore it's the woman's right to choose to end her pregnancy.

My evidence of this is looking at the libertarian community and how they are very split on this topic. And so are many liberals and conservatives.

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